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That’s it, baby Groot dancing is officially the video I’m always going to watch when I need to be cheered up

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Star-Lord, the legendary outlaw…

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Had Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper not done so well in the first series there wouldn’t be a 10th, 11th or 12th Doctor. Respect the first series and don’t skip it. 

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You smell that?
I smell collaboration plans



You smell that?

I smell collaboration plans

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I used to have a lot of fun. There’s a shop called Forbidden Planet which is like a total geek shop in London. [x]

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Kerry Ellis & John Barrowman - “Come What May”

(Henley Festival 2009)

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Okay, so almost everyone knows Idina Menzel because of ‘Frozen’ or from her role as Elphaba in ‘Wicked’

Everyone, this is Kerry Ellis. 
She’s a west end performer, who’s also played Elphaba in Wicked. This is a rendition of her singing ‘Defying Gravity’ produced by Mother.Fucking.Brian May.
Yes. Brian May from Queen.

I seriously recommend you watch it because it’s the Defying Gravity we all know and love, but with a rock sounding element similar to the sound of Queen.

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"I was nominated for the ice bucket challenge by Jason Becker, a phenomenal musician who has ALS. Though he can no longer play guitar because of the disease, he still continues to compose beautiful music. I thought I’d play along with one of Jason’s old guitar recordings before I went for the bucket. For more info on Jason check out his site http://www.jasonbecker.com

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"Dude, on my car, he showed up naked covered in bees.”

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What newspaper did you say you work for?

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